We came back strong with classes in our High Performance Center!

One of the news that excites us the most is the reopening of our Community Gym.As you know, during 2020 the rapid expansion of COVID-19 in the country forced us to close the doors of our High Performance Center, also known as Community Gymnasium. This was undoubtedly one of the most difficult decisions we had to make, but we had to take care of our own and follow the security measures established by the Peruvian government.

Despite the adversities that this brought with it, we felt that the sport could not stop, and we continued with our Zoom sessions while we anxiously waited for the health situation to stabilize.

The wait was long but the light at the end of the tunnel was getting closer and closer. While the numbers of infections dropped and the vaccines arrived, we were resuming, little by little, our face-to-face sessions. We started with our trainers, then we included our team of Alto fighters and finally, we started private classes with groups of a maximum of two people.

In June, the moment arrived, we managed to reopen our doors to the general public, respecting all biosafety protocols and the well-being of each of the participants.

Now we have classes in muay thay, functional, jiu jitsu and boxing, at different times and nothing excites us more than seeing new people arrive in our space and share with them what we do best.