Alto Perú is a neighborhood where it is difficult to grow due to violence, crime and drug trafficking. However, we have the privilege of living in front of the sea and for this reason the most natural way of driving a change was through the connection with nature. We started…

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We first video


With this video the project was announced a lot of interest and we began to receive donations of tables and wetsuits. In addition, the pride was bord in the neighborhood of being part of Alto Peru, a group of children who through sport, sought to get ahead.

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First cultural festival AltoPeru


Alto Perú was always colorful and festive. One day, while some friends decorated with abandoned houses murals and the music of the motorcycle taxis accompanied the young people who were skateboarding down the neighborhood, the idea of making a cultural festival in the neighborhood arisies. A few months later, we…

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Muraly and urban art


After three years and festival, art was already part of the community. Different friends and artists arrived, reflected their creativity on the walls of the neighborhood and learned about the wealth of Alto Peru. The neighbors and the artist quickly got together in a friendship that endures today.

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Summer Workshops


We decided to offer more activities responding to the request of many children in the neighborhood. Batucada, capoeira, art, Muaythai. More and more participants, men and women! A change begins to breathe.

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The Muaythai comming


Although it started a year earlier, in 2013 it consolidated. A group of elite athletes visited the neighborhood week by week it was the national team of this sport. And so began our school Alto Peru Muaythai.

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More than a team, its a family


The years do not go in vain. The Australian Embassy, private companies and many friends helped us reaffirm the relevance of our work. Our team consolidated and we became a large family of children, youth and adults making community.

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Alexander Chávez: Muaythai World Champion


The perseverance and strong work of Alto Peru Muaythai is established with a milestone in our history: Alexander Chávez travelled to sweden with the National Youth team for the IFMA World Championship and retur with the Gold Medal. *In 2018 he obtained the World Title in the Free Category in…

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School District


Today our vision aims to make the neighborhood a school. We plan to structure our interventions as an urban and current school alternative Empathy, teamwork, crativity, contact with nature, physical activit, critical thinking, are some of the central elements.

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The Alto Peru Cultural Festival is consolidated


Celebrating achievements is essential. The Alto Peru Festival celebrates, integrates and promotes the use of public space in a creative and collective way. The Festival Brings together people from all over the city and becomes a space for interaction and integration for people of Lima.

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