We facilitate processes of transformation of public spaces to strengthen social cohesion and build citizenship.
We empower local resources and capacities, imagining together and working as a team.
We connect those who know with those who know, because some of us know about some things and others about others.

Guardianes del morro

The community has been strengthened through the recovery of public space. We work together with more than 35 families and the Todos X El Morro collective. Now we are making a viewpoint.

El Superparque

The children were in charge of creating a Superpark in the neighborhood. We take three months of activities to create a Children’s Land. Now, let’s make a Library.

“The importance of public space lies in the fact that it is there that the urban inhabitant connects to others in a functional and in a social sense, and it is there that collective life is built, life in common.”

World Health Organization